Emergency Services

Eclipse Roofing provides emergency and repair services due to rain, severe weather, storms or high winds.

Typical emergency repair services we offer:

  • temporary roof or siding cover (tarping or synthetic membrane) over damaged or missing materials
  • trim, replace or re-secure shingle
  • torch-down loose or peeling flat roof membrane
  • seal punctures or flat roof perimeter seams with asphalt primer
  • caulking eavestrough seams or cracks
  • re-secure loose eavestrough and downspouts (ie. new fasteners or straps)
  • re-secure loose siding panels
  • removing damaged siding, eavestrough, flashings, etc (due to safety concerns)

To arrange a emergency repair or service:

Please contact the office by phone or text to our local office number 647-258-9434. 

Our staff will ask for your:

  • Name
  • Email and Phone
  • Details about the repair and home (ie. how many stories?, repair area, etc)

Signs that you may require a repair or remedial work to your roof system or the exterior of your home:

  • lifted or missing shingle
  • ceiling stains on the interior or your home
  • visible water dripping from light fixtures or window seams (interior of home)
  • lifting shingle
  • peeling flat roof seams
  • eavestrough, soffit or fascia that is bending, lifting or hanging from roof perimeter
  • bowing or loose siding
  • peeling, deteriorated or missing caulking (ie. flashings)
  • rain water running behind your eavestrough system
  • roof materials (ie. shingle) lying on ground around your home
  • sunken or bowing sections of the roof
  • pooling water or ponding on your roof deck (ie. typically seen on flat roofs)
  • animal damage (ie. damaged along the roof perimeter)