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If you need to update the roof on a commercial property, you should have an experienced roofer do the work. At Eclipse Roofing Ltd, we offer commercial flat roof installation in York. We’ll ensure the safety of everyone on the property as well as a great-quality roof. Whether you’re a property manager or a property owner, you’ll be pleased with the results when you work with Eclipse Roofing Ltd.

Enjoy Exceptional Service

We have 15 years of experience, and we expect to be around for much longer than that — we understand that our customers are why we’re here, so we are committed to quality in all that we do. That means that not only do we work with you to ensure your satisfaction throughout each project, but we also ensure that our labor and materials are top-quality.

Our team works seamlessly with yours to ensure projects are completed on time and up to specifications. You can count on our reliable service, a fact proven by how many referrals our past clients give. Most of our new clients are referrals, which shows that our clients don’t need to come back for more — we offer great quality the first go around.

As part of our great service, we offer highly tailored proposals. We strive to avoid surprises in the professional world, so we aim for transparency as we project our costs and time frame.

To learn more about our commercial flat roofing services, contact our team.