We offer cool roof options for both your residential home and commercial building; both shingle and flat roof options are available.

Benefits of a cool roof installation are:

  • Reduction of the roof surface temperature and which in turn reduces the cost of cooling your home or commercial building (significant energy savings)
  • Lower energy demand at peak times
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions, improves air quality, decreases smog formation and a reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Decreased roof maintenance (reflecting the sun’s rays leads to less roof deterioration over time)

For more information regarding the benefits of a cool roof  or to check and see if a roofing material is rated and/or on the list, please visit The Cool Roof Rating Council website at

The City of Toronto also offers home and business owners a rebate for installing a cool roof

If you want to know more about the Eco-Roof Incentive Program , please visit the City of Toronto website at

Our team can upgrade your existing roofing system and assist you with or even submit your Eco-Roof rebate application to the City of Toronto. Our project managers will prepare all of the supporting documents required for the application; before and after photos, manufacturer information sheets, detailed roof drawings, maintenance plans and a declaration letter once the roof has been completed.

Shingle Roof – Cool Roof Systems our team installed this past season

  • Landmark CertainTeed / Energy Star Rated
  • Landmark CertainTeed Pro / Energy Star Rated
  • Landmark Solaris Gold or Platinum / Energy Star Rated

Please contact our office for a list of colours available from CertainTeed Landmark (please note: some products have limited availability/stock)

Flat Roof – Cool Roof Systems our team installed this past season

  • Soprema flat roof system / Soprastar Cap sheet (torch down membrane)

Please visit for more information regarding Soprastar Membranes.