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Shingle on residential homes have evolved and now incorporate new materials and designs to increase their longevity and durability. The most commonly used shingle in North America are fiberglass infused asphalt shingles.

This is our preferred shingle for our projects and installations performed by our team. Fiberglass shingles have a longer life expectancy and are recyclable, eco-friendly, weather-resistant, fire resistant, and over time a more cost effective choice for homeowners.

Homeowners will spend less money overtime on repairs and replacing their shingle roof with these shingle. Fiberglass shingle are more water proof, flexile and longer-lasting, creating an extended protection for your roof deck and home. Please give our office a call to ask about our preferred brands of shingles, our staff will be happy to provide documentation by phone or email.

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Shingle on residential homes have evolved and now incorporate new materials and designs to increase their longevity...

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